Music Monday #33

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Soo I have been really neglecting this blog T_T I have a bunch of things I could talk about but I have just been um lazy and keep forgetting that I should be posting things here and RETURNING MY COMMENTS x_x. I promise I am going to catch up on that. Before I begin with the music goodies I will give some lame excuses as to why I haven’t been showing my face here…

Firstly, I saw “The Avengers”! Great movie, better than expected which is saying quite a bit considering that I had high expectations from the very beginning. Also, one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a long while decided to show up for the movie lol. It was a little chaotic with all that but it was all worth it in the end :D.

Secondly, I turned 24…yess getting old >_>. I didn’t do much on the actual day just a nice lunch and helped a friend get a mother’s day gift for his mom. Some of my friends pooled resources and got me Skyrim…yep my life is going to get over soon. I have been taking precautions, setting alarms so I don’t end up playing for too long. Why am I so afraid of Skyrim? Here’s an interesting story. When I graduated I took some time off. I was looking for jobs because of my tricky visa situation but I was taking it easy. At this point I was playing Oblivion…all the time! I was a lazy bum but awesometastic in the world of elder scrolls xD. Not saying it is the best game out there…no quite contrary but addicting? YES. There are two other games that are looking potentially equally addicting – Dragon’s Dogma and Dishonored (I like how there are so many Ds in the names lol). I also have a kindle now and lots of amazon credit :3. I still have a huge reading backlog…slowly treading through it all. I also received a recommendation to read “Husband Hunting 101″ by a friend. Out of curiosity I read the first chapter…I am not sure at this point if I will enjoy it…but there’s a nice discussion that will come out of that book…maybe for later before I stretch this MM post ^_^;

Thirdly, I have been doing badly on my tv shows/anime/movies backlog. I would like to blame Dream High 2 for this low. I am just struggling to finish up on that…well good news is that I only have 2 more episodes remaining yay! Community has sadly ended yet again :( I really liked the last three episodes especially the game one hehe. Well since I hit the slump with Dream High 2 I decided to start rewatching a couple series – Merlin and Fast Forward. Sadly, not a lot of people know about Fast Forward…it is based off a book and never got past season 1…but great series nevertheless! Anyways a lot of my friends are watching “Game of Thrones” and I had started reading the first book a while back but never got back to it…but I finally started watching the show…I am um not sure so far how I feel about it…but when I saw the opening and Boromir I was all excited! Lets hope it lives upto my expectations xD.

Lastly, I have been trapped in the never ending cycle of video games @_@. If I was a nerd before I have been turned into a super nerd now ._. I dunno where this is taking me…hopefully not to a dark end lol.

Anyways…I could go on…but time for the music :D

Lets start with KPop which I haven’t been catching up with in sooo long. I however do find 4minute’s Volume Up very catchy! The video is interesting nothing special though…also their fashion sense um is interesting xD.

There’s a story with the first song…PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME…I have always been very open to all kinds of music except for a few. But mostly I can enjoy a huge range of songs lol. Anyways back to the story…so some of my um college-mates were in a restaurant and one of the guys in the group left a note to the server (name: Carly) on the receipt “Hey I just met you, this is crazy. Here’s my # so call me maybe” and he indeed left his number lol. Sharing the song to commemorate the shenanigans! DO WATCH THE ENDING OF THE VIDEO FOR THE LOLs

Ok to nullify the previous song here’s one of my favorites. Alone by Bullet For My Valentine. You can tell the music is awesome ^_^ there’s a fan video to make the song interesting. They are coming up with a new album soon so I am excitedddd!!!

Epic was sharing some free music over it’s 20th anniversary and I downloaded some soundtracks. My favorite ones are the GOW ones hehe. Special mention goes to the Cole train rap which cracked me up…I might try using it as an alarm tone where the “whooo” will give me a heart attack but wait who am I talking to -_- anyways the song that I am sharing here is called “Finally A Tomorrow” which plays towards the end of GOW3. New addition to my instrumental playlist :3

Well that’s it for my lame life so far…hoping to make things interesting soon :D


My life so far…Music Monday #32

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Ok I have been away from blogging for a while…sorry everyone I just got busy and really lazy xD. I am combining a quick update (sort of like a re-cap for my life lol) with this week’s MM. I will just post a couple songs after I am done talking about my dull life ^_^;

Last time I posted I was starting to organize my room a little better…found some things I thought were lost but now my room is somewhat in a mess again. I doubt it can be rescued but I did re-order my games and books backlogs so that I have easy access to them whenever I feel like catching up. So all I have been doing in my free time for the past couple weeks is playing games, watching dramas, anime, TV shows and reading books. I did catch up with people but spent most of my time drowning in my hobbies lol. I had “The Hunger Games” on my reading list for a while now but I didn’t get to it until recently because my friend wanted to go see the movie when it came out. I ended up reading the book and saw the movie yesterday and though I enjoyed the movie I always feel like the books are better. I feel like they could’ve done a much better job at the movie because the book wasn’t really all that long (374 pages). I was reading “The Black Prism” before but it has been on the back burner for a while now because I have been reading the Gears of War books which are pretty amazing in themselves. I finished up “Aspho Fields” which is the first one and certain parts in the book moved me. I am really enjoying Karen Traviss’s writing style. The books are based on the same universe as the games but they follow their own story line. What I am trying to say is that even if you haven’t played the game I have a feeling that you could pick up the book and still enjoy it :D. It does make me look-up words more often because I haven’t really read war-related books before but I like increasing my vocab anyways! I am currently reading “Jacinto’s Remnant” and should be done with it soon…I will move onto the 3rd book next. There are four books out currently and the 5th one will come out in May so hopefully I can finish up all of them to be ready for what seems to be the last one in the series. Anyways I am wondering if any of you all who do like reading have any place where you keep track of your reading lists. Let me know if you do…I remember having a shelfari account before but now I don’t remember the account info ^_^;

Moving on a LOT of my time has been devoted to playing video games. I got back into them sometime around August/September last year and I decided to jump into XBL. I was against the whole idea before thanks to some bad experiences but I soon met some nice people and now I am kind of addicted to playing online xD. I find the experience quite enjoyable to be honest. I like playing with my friends locally but a lot of games have split screens for local co-op and I don’t really like those >_>. After the whole live thing I also have been severely bitten by the “achievement/completion” bug which makes me go after achievements and trying to finish a game entirely before I move onto the next one. It has been sort of slowing me down but the satisfaction on completing a game is worth it :D. I will keep going as long as it keeps me happy…if it ever becomes a burden I think I will give up and I hope that if and when that time comes I will have the will power to do so! That said the games I am currently playing are – Gears of War (new DLC comes out tomorrow :3), AC:Brotherhood, KUF:Circle of Doom and just started Borderlands! I guess I am in a shooters phase these days because I guess I like playing with people on live now instead of playing an RPG by myself. Borderlands is fun so far…the art style is anime/cartoon-ish and there is a big variety of guns that you can play with! Figuring out what works best for me might take a while though!

Anyways that was all of my nerdy rant right there. I do have some fun stuff that happened at work but I will save that for another time xD. Even though the weather today is pretty bad I am surprised at how time flew by so fast and it is almost summertime. I am hoping I can have a more active summer this time around and hopefully it will be a good one ^_^. I don’t have any big plans but I am definitely going to make a Boston trip. From the looks of it I am not going to make it to Anime Boston this year T_T. I guess I might as well save up and splurge to my heart’s content at the next chance I get to go to a convo.

Ok I guess time to post those MM songs then! Before I start I have to say that I absolutely love Big Bang’s new album <3. When I first heard them I liked them...but the more I listen to them, the more I fall in love with them XD. I love Blue but the one I will share is Bad Boy because I find it very catchy.

The next one is also KPop…Know Your Name by Jay Park. This song is catchy and the MV is fun to watch with pretty neat choreography :D

The next one is by one of my favorite bands – Lost In You by Three Days Grace. I like the song as well as the lyrics.

Lastly, I created a new playlist recently for instrumentals that I like listening to while I code…and I ended up listening to the AC:II theme song on repeat for hours lol. The title of this song is Heart.

Well that’s it for now. I will try to be here more often :D

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