Nothing like hot ramen on a cold, windy day!

posted by author on Wed, Oct 20, 2010 2 Comments

I am waiting for my ramen to cool down a bit as I type this post. It is slowly getting colder no matter where you are. I guess winter is approaching. It is quite windy here in Vermont. Especially more so in the mornings and evenings! When I reach home after work I feel kind of lazy to prepare lunch for the next day and just end up huddling under my blankets and watching stuff till it’s time for bed. As a result, I end up eating random things for lunch at work. Today I am having instant noodles (of an Indian brand = spicy XD). But it is quite delightful since it is very hot (and I mean literally not spice wise). I always think that I prefer cold over heat because when you are cold you can always make yourself warmer. Yesterday when my hands were chilly, I bought some hot chocolate on my way and I was warm enough to be able to walk the rest of the way (since I was holding it in my hands lol). So what do you prefer? Heat or Cold?

Besides weather, I recently finished the first season of Skip Beat and am now continuing with the manga. I guess I am totally hooked onto it now! (SPOILERS):


Update on my life…

posted by author on Tue, Oct 12, 2010 2 Comments

The last weekend was pretty interesting. I went to a “Tibetan” festival that my friend invited me to. I knew a couple of other people participating in it as well. It was a fun event. There were various stalls with different things made and designed by Tibetan refugees (mostly in India). I bought this blue wallet, very pretty.

They were also performing cultural dances on stage. My friends were in some of them. It was very interesting since I have never seen them before. I guess there’s a lot more cultures out there that I need to learn about.

The start of this week was eventful too. Hedone Design is having a promotional event where they are going to give out 300 coupons throughout the week for purchasing blackberry themes. Depending on the day, the discount varies. Monday was for free premium themes and lucky me, I got some of them! I like the themes, I even paid for one of the themes that was already discounted. It is still ongoing but the discount is as follows:
Tuesday: 90% off coupons!
Wednesday: 80% off coupons!
Thursday: 70% off coupons!
Friday: 60% off coupons!
Saturday: 50% off coupons!

On the other hand, I have made some progress on my piano skills. I got some more sheets that I can practice. However since I am not taking lessons there is no one to answer my questions. Almost every question related to a music sheet has to be resolved by a midi or song available online. If someone knows a better source please tell me. I recently joined Italki which is a social community that helps you to find “language partners” to help you learn new languages by answering your questions, correcting your notes and talking to you via messages, IMs, skype, etc. So if you are trying to learn a language do join it!

On the anime front, I started watching Skip-Beat. I had heard about it but never seen it. I am on episode 7 right now. Somehow I can actually relate to the story. I find it really annoying when people take you for granted and therefore you feel like taking revenge ^_^; I guess I will eventually find out what happens and maybe it will be similar to some events in my life? XD