Layout 2.0 Manga Me!

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Version: 2.0
Featuring: Manga version of myself made at Face Your Manga.
Color Theme: Shades of yellow, green, orange, brown, black and blue.
Credits: Layout by Me, Fonts from Google web fonts, Header pattern from Colorlovers

It was about time that I made a new layout for Tryst. This time I wanted a cleaner layout and thus it took me longer to convert the code to a wordpress theme. There’s still miles to go before I can make a decent wordpress theme but I think this will do for now. Since I haven’t displayed any of my recent obsessions in this theme, I came up with a new system to do so! My obsessions keep changing with time and so it is difficult to come up with a new theme every time. Therefore I have decided to dedicate a separate section for that: Current Obsessions You can also get to this page by clicking on the manga avatar. I will update this page once in a while to accommodate any changes lol.

Some facts about this layout:
- I have to tried to widget-ize this layout as much as possible.
- I finally figured out the threaded comments config XD.
- I tried to concentrate more on the structure than the graphics involved to get a cleaner look.
- First time I don’t have a blue themed layout. I decided to move over to warm colors for a change XD.

This layout is finished but I am still working on filling out the other parts for the new layout like using some new widgets, etc. If you have any good suggestions/recommendations let me know :3

On a side note, this layout looks better on higher resolutions or on a mac XD.

Edit: With this blog revamp I am now working towards enhancing my main domain page. I have also decided to offer free hosting on both my domains – and (since the JKS forum has taken a setback in terms of speed/motivation).

Music Monday #9

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So this week I am going to go back a few months lol. I am choosing a live version of TVXQ (DBSK) – Keep your head down. This song is very catchy and so is their dance (especially the beginning in the official mv). I love Changmin’s high notes :3 I like how well they perform even when on stage!