Music Monday #19

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Oh noes! Two consecutive MM posts *dies*. I feel guilty for neglecting my blog these days but I was too busy getting those damn achievements for Lost Odyssey one of which is particularly tricky (Treasure Trove) which I eventually managed to achieve. Anyways back to topic…I might start a new segment hopefully this week so that there is more varied content on my blog!

This week’s MM is an obsessed edition featuring a song/video I am recently obsessed with. There’s some minor changes to my obsession page to reflect this as well XD. I am totally fascinated by ASSASSINS CREED series. The games are awesome but what enthralls me is the plot and the story as well as the mystery climax supposed to be in their latest release – AC Revelations. Ok so why am I blabbing about it in MM? Because the first song I want to share is from the Revelations E3 trailer ~ Iron by Woodkid. I am amazed at how much I like this song because of the trailer. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t like it as much if I just heard the song…can you relate to what I am stating here? Anyways check out both the versions of this song in the English language section (also I apologize for being such a game fangirl but I am currently at a point where I might fall for anyone doing an AC cosplay @_@ *super embarrassed* oh young Ezio BTW XD).

I am contemplating whether I should spaz about the trailer or not…to put it shortly…I love how he sees glimpses of Altair…um related to the gameplay but I won’t mention that. Enjoy the trailer if you haven’t already:

This is the original MV of the song…I like it but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me ^_^;

Ok that was enough spaz-ing now moving back to foreign language section…like I mentioned this is the obsessed MM version…I have been watching the Korean Drama – The Greatest Love and absolutely love it! It is a very funny and touching series at the same time (Dok Go Jin <3). Anyways I am selecting a song from the OST ~ Because You Are My Man by G.NA. Lyrics Translation

I will share another KPop song (Japanese)…a live version of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands XD. Darkness Eyes by DBSK (when they were together). I love Yunho’s hairstyle in this…he looks like a bishie out of an anime. I also like how Changmin does his pelvic thrusts (like “Oh yeah”) around 3:53 XD. Lyrics Translation

Lastly to finish this off I will post another one of my favorite piano pieces ~ River Flows In You by Yiruma.

Do you want to play a musical instrument or do you already do so? If so what would you like to be able to play? For me personally I would love Piano, Guitar and Violin ^_^;


Music Monday #18

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All I have been posting on this blog is random stuff lol. I am currently in the process of domain/host transfer so I promise to contribute more to this blog once all that is past. BTW I might be getting a KPop related fanlisting if my luck works out!

This week for foreign language I pick 4minute’s Heart to Heart (Japanese version). Usually I prefer Korean versions of the songs but this song (like SHINee’s replay) sounds and looks good even in the Japanese version!

I have been having an Instrumental attack recently thanks to the amazing Ao No Exorcist OST! I am posting two of my favorite songs ~

This one kind of reminds me of Bollywood music lol. I also like the classic/orchestra feeling to it. One of these days I will make it my ringtone. It also fits in very well in the Anime itself!

I like this song because of the part around “2:04.” The song starts off with a different vibe but when it reaches that mark it just thrills me XD. It reminds me of the famous Halo OST :D

Lastly, for the English language segment I select another one of my old favorites. My Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead which I can best describe as “rap rock” correct me if I am wrong. I like the lyrics and the beats itself. I also like how it transitions between rap, rock and the ballad softer vocals?

Do you guys like listening to Instrumentals? What are some of your favorite ones?

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