Music Monday #27

posted by author on Mon, Nov 7, 2011 13 Comments

This will be the first time I will post a “Bollywood Song”. The reason? I went to a Diwali Night event this weekend. Diwali (literally festival of lights) is an Indian festival….anyways there were some dance performances there which reminded me of the Bollywood music I approve and like lol. You might not be able to make sense out of what’s happening but that’s how most of Bollywood songs are like XD. I like this MV a LOT so check out the dancing ^__^. Also it has a lot of English lyrics so you can catch onto those phrases! The title is “Dhoom Again”. Dhoom is literally having a blast :D


Now it’s time for some KPop love…this song grows on you the more you listen to it. Tomorrow by Tablo ft. Taeyang. The MV reminds me of Love Song.

Also Jay Park’s Girlfriend is interesting :)

For the English song I will share two songs by one of my favorite bands – The Fray. The first one is You Found Me.

The second one is Over My Head.

Pictorial Friday #7

posted by author on Sat, Nov 5, 2011 6 Comments

This week I am sharing an old cosplay photo that I took when I went to a local anime convention here in VT – Bakuretsu Con. Among the various different cosplayers I was impressed by Squall from FFVIII. He went to the same college as me so we chatted a bit and took pictures :D. I wish I had dressed up this Halloween but oh well there’s always another time!

Did you dress up for Halloween? What did you dress up as? Do you like cosplaying? ^__^

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