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Happy New Year everyone! I am finally back to my dull life after the much needed long vacation. My trip to LA was fun and I almost feel like moving over there XD. I would like to give a detailed post regarding my trip but I am too lazy so I will just mention the highlights of my trip here.

- Dir En Grey Concert: I have only one word to describe this…EPIC! For those who don’t know, Dir En Grey is a popular Japanese metal/rock band. When I was looking for things I could possibly do over my trip I came across this info…at first I didn’t believe it because the tickets were pretty cheap – approximately $40 per person in general admission (since those were the only ones remaining when I looked). I was pretty excited and stood in the line for an hour so that we could pick a good/safe location inside lol. That didn’t really help though because the moment they started playing, a bunch of people just rushed past into the “mosh-pit” and almost crushed us >_>. Nevertheless we had somewhat good spots for tiny people :3. I was soo happy when they played Lotus which was a single they released last year and my favorite recent song by them. I couldn’t take decent pictures/videos due to obvious reasons but I took a lot of them regardless. The following is what I thought was the best among my massive collection:

- Korea town and Little Tokyo: As you all probably have realized by now…I am very much into Asian stuff especially Korean and Japanese :D. Well let me say…LA has tons of it XD. One of my sis’s friend is Korean and she introduced us to Korea town. She even said that it is pretty close to what you would expect from Korea in terms of food. I miss the yummy ramyun and dukbokki! Also the amazing music they played in a lot of places! We also went to music stores with tons of KPop goodies and again I splurged on collectibles and posters…woot! There’s also Little Tokyo filled with Japanese awesomeness! Did I mention that I bought a ton of anime stuff. Well soon I am going to nerdify my apartment with all the awesome posters, pillows, plushies and what not.

- Christmas/New Years Eve: Although we did nothing really special it was a lot of fun just because I had a family member to celebrate it with :D. We went out for New Years because I missed dancing. It was pretty interesting and fun dancing the night away with my sis lol. I also ended up purchasing a lot of um games because of all the awesome holiday sales!

- Anime Los Angeles: This was the unexpected surprise of my trip. I didn’t realize about it until later due to which I could only attend on Friday because I had to leave the next day. Again I dragged my sis into it but I am glad that we both enjoyed it. I saw some of the best cosplays I have seen in person. The people were all really nice too and posed well for the pictures. I wish I can go again next year and maybe cosplay as well next time.

I still did the “touring” and visited a lot of different places in LA. I probably forgot a lot of it but when I go through the pictures I will remember :3. I definitely liked Griffith Observatory because it has been too long since I have seen a planetarium show. Hollywood was sort of fun too lol. I am still in the post vacation phase now and it will take a while before I can get back into my old habits XD. I hope to be back to blogging from now on and will try to keep posts interesting ^_^

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Pictorial Friday #10

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So I am flying out to LA tomorrow! Very excited for the trip…hopefully it will all go smoothly and I will have some more interesting content for my blog XD. Anyways I was downtown last night to have dinner with my friends and they have already started the Christmas decorations! Hence I will be sharing a picture I took from my cell-phone of the Christmas tree they have placed on our Church street. Does your family get a tree as well? How do you like to decorate your tree?

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