Pictorial Friday #12

posted by author on Fri, Feb 3, 2012 26 Comments

This is the “I got my new ride” version lol. I finally got a new car – Black Toyota Corolla S. I was really sick of my old crap car and this is probably the best decision I have made in a long while XD. Here’s a pic I took yesterday outside my work when I picked up my car…I am loving it a LOT. It is such an improvement over my old one. Has 6 awesome speakers…black interiors (cause I am clumsy and can drop things very easily) and other cool stuff.

Quick update on my life –

I was missing my social life when I didn’t have my car…and am really looking forward to this weekend with tons of catching up with friends on my list. Also have a combined birthday party tomorrow night which should be a blast XD. What I am trying to say is how dependent your life can be on certain things like having a car. I have some friends who live nearby but our schedules clash like crazy that I usually can’t hangout with them. Also since I moved away from downtown I can’t really do the “walk over to downtown” anymore which sucks because then I get bored at home sometimes. Not that I really get bored because I have video games that keep me busy but I like socializing with real people so I like getting out once in a while XD. That said I am also the designated driver a lot of times so that makes it difficult too because some of my friends don’t even have cars. Bottom line, I am really happy I got a car and my normal life again. I love listening to music while I come into work…it just makes my life so much better…it wakes me up by the time I reach work :D.

The other update is that I am considering going to Anime Boston this year (April 6-8). This time I am also planning to prepare my cosplay beforehand and be able to cosplay at the con if I end up going. I have a couple ones I want to do on my list but because I have relatively less experience with wigs I try to find out ones that I can do with my real hair. If I grow out my hair a little more I should be able to do Lenalee from D. Gray Man. I am also looking at Saber (Fate/Stay Night) and Erza (FairyTail) but these two will take more preparation, $$$ and wigs. Talking about hair I probably need a haircut soon because my bangs have grown out…also haven’t painted my nails in a loonnnggg while. Can you guys suggest me a color? :D


Pictorial Friday #11

posted by author on Fri, Jan 13, 2012 7 Comments

Well after my trip I have a good amount that I can slowly post in this segment :D. Anyways lets start with one of the anime goodies that I bought at an anime store in LA. My sis didn’t really have a decent bath towel for me so I got myself a Naruto towel XD. I picked Naruto because all others were monotone and I like my colors ^_^. Pardon the mess behind…it’s my sis holding out the towel for me to take a pic lol.

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