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Ahem yes I am amazed at how long I can avoid this poor blog ._. Couldn’t come up with a good title so went with some um famous words by Dumbledore xD. Now lets see where do I start? I guess with new updates…not that there has been much going on in my dull life lol. Well it got better for a bit…my sister visited me for the last two weeks. She left last Friday and while I don’t miss her miserably it sure is nice to have someone hanging around! I guess my family time has now been reduced to skype, phone, email, texts and such for the past few years…dunno for some reason it doesn’t seem that odd when I actually live it xD.

Anyways, when my sis was here we didn’t do anything special…just watched stuff together, laughed and talked late into the night :D. We also went on long walks around the nice trails around in Vermont – namely near lake Champlain and we also decided to make a short driving trip to Stowe for some change of scenery. It was two weeks of good relaxing time! We also played a good amount of games (got sore from kinect stuff -_-) and ate a LOT ^_^

Yesterday I saw Dredd with my friends. It is a pretty kick ass action movie! My friend was driving us around so it was nice to goof off and not drive for a change…I got the shotgun muahahahaha :3. I really like driving but sometimes it is nice to be able to sit back and relax too lol.

Well I will keep this post quite short since I have a good amount of comment returning and blog catching up to do!

P.S.: Not really doing a full fledged Music Monday but I’ll leave a nice old song from Lifehouse here ~

I has not melted yet!

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Hello my dear neglected blog…please don’t hate on me…I’ve just been um onto other things recently. I haven’t done any web-design stuff in a longggg while now. I dunno for some reason I have lost my motivation to do so…I had drafted some new layouts for a few fanlistings that I adopted from Kris (Molla-ing) and also was going to work on a new wordpress theme but once I finished the designs I just never got down to coding them ._. maybe one day my inspiration will come back to me and you will see some changes around here.

Anyways back to the title of my post…some of you here in the US might have been suffering from the terrible heat wave as well x_x. Well this year I decided to get an AC because the heat was unbearable! I got a portable AC from the costco near my work yesterday…I was hoping to get a smaller model but they were either not stocked or all sold out :O. There was one last piece of portable ones remaining…can you imagine that? Some people were eye-ing it and I was all possessive like “GTFO this is mineeeeeee”. Well I had to switch carts so I was lucky no one stole it from me while I got the lower cart. Anyways…the one I got is a bigger/better model than the one I originally wanted. Pretty cool eh? Except the box wouldn’t fit into my car lol. There were two guys helping me try getting it into my car. I suggested we rip off the useless box and my idea worked! The ride home was uneventful…but carrying it into my apartment was a herculean task >_>. The AC is almost 2/3rd my height. I also have a single flight of stairs to my apartment…I just took one little step at a time and managed to haul it all the way up in the end…I was sweating profusely by then…had to change into a fresh set instantaneously! The next part was installing the AC itself -_-;

I have wanted to get an AC before…but the installation always puts me off. See back home people come and install stuff for you…furniture is per-assembled and people bring it to your house. What I am trying to get at is that I never had to assemble things or install them myself until I came to the US. Sure my parents made my very independent and I have done fun odd things like paint our house and honestly I am quite good at it :D. Buttt installing an AC is um a pain. Also whenever I need my tool set it manages to go missing T_T. Soo I improvise…I use the metallic buffer in a nail cutter as my screw driver! I did a flimsy job but at least I installed the exhaust hose so that the least amount of hot air gets leaked into my bedroom. Wahooo the AC is amazing…even though I slept late last night it was the best sleep I have had in the past few days :3. I was soo tired out by the end though that I never made it to the gym…let’s just hope that it gets a little cooler so I can get back on my fitness program…

So that is it with the AC rant. Besides that I have been playing video games as always. Seems like the pre-college me is back xD. I can’t imagine how I survived on occasional PC and PSP gaming back then x_x. I have been playing a lot of borderlands whenever I can. I absolutely love this game (surprising that it is a FPS)…there are some kinks like every other game and some annoying things like bad navigation guide, stupid jumps (until someone told me a trick which works!) and some amount of backtracking. However the game art is pretty awesome if you like cartoon-ish feel to cell shaded graphics! The thing I really like about it is there is no such thing as a difficulty level…so everyone amateur to expert plays through the same settings…everything is handled through leveling up…so you can take your sweet time to prepare for a formidable enemy ^_^. To me it is almost like elder scrolls with guns :3. Besides that I have been making progress on super scribblenauts whenever I can! I love that game as well xD. On that note I found this video absolutely hilarious…do watch it!

Quick updates on other fronts…I have made the move to Verizon with an iPhone! I love it so far and often troll with Siri. It feels nice and solid. I like Android but depending on your hardware it can be quite buggy whereas the iPhone is at least stable. If you play draw something let me know and I shall play with you with my crappy drawings! Also I have finally started on reading “The Slab”. So far it is quite amazing. It is interesting how well one can relate to fictional characters. It almost feels like you know them :D. I finished catching up with Game of Thrones a while back. I can’t wait for the next season…hopefully I will catch up on the books soon as well! As for movies…I still haven’t seen Prometheus :( a friend of mine who lives quite far out wanted to go but he couldn’t make it…maybe someday I will go see it eventually. On the other hand I am kinda excited for Brave…it looks a little like the hunger games but so much more win ^_^. Well I guess I will stop talking now before I type out another 500 words hehe.

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