Random Updates

posted by author on Thu, Apr 21, 2011 2 Comments

I just decided to post some random updates here lol…Firstly…I heard from a friend on facebook that Skip-Beat live action has their final cast decided upon -
Tsuruga Ren: Choi Si won
Mogami Kyoko: Ivy Chen
Fuwa Sho: Lee Dong Hae

This will be a Chinese Drama so it will be interesting to see how well they can speak the language XD. Hopefully the drama will be as good as the manga/anime which I really love <3

I have been really busy these past few months with all the apartment search and moving so I have been neglecting my website stuff >_< anyways I plan to come-up with a new layout for my blog to share some Jun Ki love…why do all the good actors have to go for military service? Hyun Bin and Lee Jun Ki…and who knows who else…

Besides that…the JKS forum is still far behind…all those spambot member registrations doesn’t help either :( I am using a spam protection mechanism but I still get loads of registrations each day…oh well hopefully one of these days I will finish up the work on it and have it open for actual members ^_^;


Music Monday #1

posted by author on Mon, Apr 18, 2011 2 Comments

A lot of blogs that I have visited have been doing “Music Mondays” and so I decided to follow the trend. I try to keep myself updated with recent music releases but there might be times when I post older stuff.

Anyways, for my first Music Monday I want to go with a song that I haven’t spoken of before (I was tempted to choose a BigBang song XD). The song I chose is -  Last Hero 마지막 히어로 from the KDrama Hero. I recently finished this drama and absolutely loved it. It is another one of those stories where the truth triumphs over injustice after a lot of struggle and repeated efforts. This song to me is very inspirational and definitely deserves to be my first Music Monday XD!

You can also watch the fan video and the slow piano version.

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