Anime Summer Guide

posted by author on Fri, Jul 1, 2011 6 Comments

Recently I have started catching up with my anime/manga. I even created a MAL account to keep track of stuff. I am still adding things to my anime list and haven’t even started on the manga yet lol.

Anyways I got this image guide from Moetron and there are some series that I am interested in.

Normal Series

  • No. 6: Honestly the characters attracted me and I decided to look more into the plot which seems interesting at the moment.
  • Nyanpire: “Give me blood, nya!” I think this will be a fun one just because of the concept itself. I also like the cute graphic theme lol.
  • Blood-C: New adaptation for the old series. I am interested because I have always like CLAMP’s artwork.
  • Dantalion No Shoka: The poster reminded me of Shakugan No Shana. I might look into this series because of the characters lol.


  • Ao No Exorcist: I am definitely loving ANE right now so excited for this one <3
  • FairyTail: I finally caught up with the anime and am now waiting for the continuation. Maybe at some point I will read the manga.

FMA and Naruto looks interesting too…if I hear good reviews I might watch those as well. Lastly Mahou Sensei Negima is on my list but I have lost track of where I was in the anime/manga so this one will make it to my list when I find time to get back on track with it XD.

What series do you find interesting? Let me know if you have recommendations for something that I might like ^_^

Anime/Manga Updates

posted by author on Thu, Jun 23, 2011 2 Comments

I have started catching up on some of my anime/manga stuff now since my dramas are on a wait-list now. Currently I am watching/reading Ao No Exorcist, Gintama and Fairy Tail. I have to say these are some of the best series I have seen.

I am really loving Ao No Exorcist…although there is nothing new in the plot elements it is still a very good anime/manga series because it uses the popular formula perfectly. It is a good blend of action and comedy with hints of romance. The plot is similar to D. Gray Man but the former is very serious as opposed to ANE which has comic elements in almost all of the episodes. I love both the anime + manga for this one.

Next on my list is Fairy Tail which is another good series along the same genres. I really like plot and the characters. My favorite character is Erza XD. It reminds me a bit of “The law of Ueki” but it wasn’t as good as Fairy Tail. I haven’t read the manga but I do love the anime so far.

Gintama is unique with it’s own flavor of quirky comedy and action. I had left this series unfinished a while back and now decided to pick it up again. It is still as hilarious. My favorite characters is Sadaharu lol. I am watching the anime since I still have a lot of episodes. I might not read the manga for this since the anime is a lot more fun to watch XD.

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