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Happy New Year everyone! I am finally back to my dull life after the much needed long vacation. My trip to LA was fun and I almost feel like moving over there XD. I would like to give a detailed post regarding my trip but I am too lazy so I will just mention the highlights of my trip here.

- Dir En Grey Concert: I have only one word to describe this…EPIC! For those who don’t know, Dir En Grey is a popular Japanese metal/rock band. When I was looking for things I could possibly do over my trip I came across this info…at first I didn’t believe it because the tickets were pretty cheap – approximately $40 per person in general admission (since those were the only ones remaining when I looked). I was pretty excited and stood in the line for an hour so that we could pick a good/safe location inside lol. That didn’t really help though because the moment they started playing, a bunch of people just rushed past into the “mosh-pit” and almost crushed us >_>. Nevertheless we had somewhat good spots for tiny people :3. I was soo happy when they played Lotus which was a single they released last year and my favorite recent song by them. I couldn’t take decent pictures/videos due to obvious reasons but I took a lot of them regardless. The following is what I thought was the best among my massive collection:

- Korea town and Little Tokyo: As you all probably have realized by now…I am very much into Asian stuff especially Korean and Japanese :D. Well let me say…LA has tons of it XD. One of my sis’s friend is Korean and she introduced us to Korea town. She even said that it is pretty close to what you would expect from Korea in terms of food. I miss the yummy ramyun and dukbokki! Also the amazing music they played in a lot of places! We also went to music stores with tons of KPop goodies and again I splurged on collectibles and posters…woot! There’s also Little Tokyo filled with Japanese awesomeness! Did I mention that I bought a ton of anime stuff. Well soon I am going to nerdify my apartment with all the awesome posters, pillows, plushies and what not.

- Christmas/New Years Eve: Although we did nothing really special it was a lot of fun just because I had a family member to celebrate it with :D. We went out for New Years because I missed dancing. It was pretty interesting and fun dancing the night away with my sis lol. I also ended up purchasing a lot of um games because of all the awesome holiday sales!

- Anime Los Angeles: This was the unexpected surprise of my trip. I didn’t realize about it until later due to which I could only attend on Friday because I had to leave the next day. Again I dragged my sis into it but I am glad that we both enjoyed it. I saw some of the best cosplays I have seen in person. The people were all really nice too and posed well for the pictures. I wish I can go again next year and maybe cosplay as well next time.

I still did the “touring” and visited a lot of different places in LA. I probably forgot a lot of it but when I go through the pictures I will remember :3. I definitely liked Griffith Observatory because it has been too long since I have seen a planetarium show. Hollywood was sort of fun too lol. I am still in the post vacation phase now and it will take a while before I can get back into my old habits XD. I hope to be back to blogging from now on and will try to keep posts interesting ^_^

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  • On Wed, Jan 11, 2012, Tina said:

    Happy New Year :D Glad you had fun at the Dir En Grey concert!

    DDEOKKBOKKI! Omigosh, I love ddeokkbokki, I have five packs of Korean rice cakes but I can’t cook them properly because the only thing I have at hand are red curry and corn carne chilli. ;____; It looks soooo good.

  • On Thu, Jan 12, 2012, Alex said:

    GOZMXDOCZXCOSDMSOFSD HELLO FELLOW DEG FAN!!!!!!!!!! LOL whoa, I gotta give you credit for being in the mosh pit! hahah! I agree, they were SUPER epic!!! next time don’t go in the mosh pit if possible, lol! I saw them 5-6 years ago in the mosh pit and though I loved them, I hated the crowd so much!!! though I’m smarter now and the people at the balcony are so much more polite :) I agree Lotus is AMAZINGGGG!! I love that song to death!!!

    K-town and J-town? lol~ cool! sounds like fun! I never went to LA before but I can tell you NYC 500x cooler and more alive ;D heheheo and welcome back! happy belated new years to you too! lol!

    • On Fri, Jan 13, 2012, Dipika said:

      Yay…I was pretty excited when I saw your post too lol. I wasn’t exactly in the mosh pit because I am too short lol. The crowds are really crazy >_<. I wish I had gone to the balcony…maybe next time XD.

      Oh I agree with you…I haven’t been to a K-town in NYC but when I compare NYC and LA I personally think NYC is cooler too lol.

  • On Fri, Jan 13, 2012, Georgina said:

    Ahaaa the mosh pit in any show is crazy. But I can imagine, there are so many DEG fans and many of them would be in the mosh. At hectic concerts like those, I like to go up from because I’m really short and I want to be able to see. It sucks being short, but I think it’s worth it going up front at a show.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time – all that look of food is really making me hungry. ;D

    The post was shorter than I thought! Either way, good to see you back. <3 I hope you had a lovely new year, no need to apologise for the late reply!

    • On Fri, Jan 13, 2012, Dipika said:

      Yeah…I though because we are in the US there wouldn’t be that many fans maybe but I was proved wrong ^_^; I am really short too so we were on the steps before the mosh pit so that we could see XD.

      I did :D. Haha it makes me hungry every time I see it again lol.

      Haha well I am lazy so with all the pending comments to return I didn’t end up writing much hehe.

  • On Sat, Jan 14, 2012, Edel said:

    Dir en grey concert? I’m so jealous. D; Go back in time and bring me with you!

    I’m not a fan of Korean food. Actually, I don’t like much food in general. I’m a picky eater.

    When I went to Hollywood, our tour guide showed us a spot where we could take picture of the sign. It was so far away. It was like I was taking a picture of a white speck among hills.

    • On Mon, Jan 23, 2012, Dipika said:

      Haha I totally would if I could! Oh I see…I tend to be very picky with my food too but there’s specific Korean dishes that I actually like.

      Ah…yeah we tried to take pictures of the sign with us but that didn’t work out so well lol. I was able to get this picture because I had my zoom lenses with me :D

  • On Sun, Jan 15, 2012, Kris said:

    I miss you too! You haven’t been around for more than a month! Maybe we should catch up some time. Don’t worry about the fanlisting layouts … keep them as long as you like, I love the layouts for Joonie and Minwoo.

    Lol my mom wants to move to LA so she can be with my dad. Speaking of details of trip I still haven’t posted my details of Korea trip … there’s just so much to edit because my handwritten entries are horrible! Maybe I should just write a post about the highlights haha.

    I’ve never heard of Dir En Grey. They were performing in LA, cool! I always miss every Asian concert that’s ever here. Ahhh I wish I could live in the city. That guy looks like he’s very hot as in sweating. Shirtless in winter!

    Maybe I’m not looking in the right places but New York doesn’t even have so much Kpop or anime goodies! I’m so jealous right now I hardly ever buy anything except CDs and I can hardly get my hands on the right ones at that. I’m looking at that spicy ramen right now and getting shivers haha. That hot soup is the death of me. I have no idea how Koreans drink that.

    I want to go to an anime convention! Though I think I’d be a bad cosplayer.

    It seems as if everywhere north of New York City has snow though! Do you guys have snow? We haven’t had snow since Snowy Halloween!!!

    I don’t know how to drive, hahahahaha. No one’s teaching me either. I should enroll in Driver’s Ed but I’d be the only 20 year old there while everyone is like 16.

    Yes I do hate shopping. I was too lazy to get it ordered. American clothes just turn me off in general. Good thing I still have my stock of clothes from my Korea trip. I swear I’m gonna end up going there just to buy clothes.

    • On Mon, Jan 23, 2012, Dipika said:

      Kris! I absolutely love your new layout wheeee <3.

      We definitely should try to catchup sometime soon! Since I returned 2 days of weekend is not enough for me T_T. Hehe I will be keeping them for a while since I am soo lazy lol.

      OMG that's cool except that you are already pretty close to NYC which is very cool IMO XD. You should totally post the highlights! I would love to read about your trip!

      They are a Japanese metal/rock band that I adore hehe. I wish I lived near NYC...I would totally go for the concerts if I had the funding available lol. Yup he was hot and shirtless in winter XDD.

      Yeah I am not too sure...I have never checked out anything Korean in NYC yet so I personally felt LA had a bigger Ktown. Oh lol...I don't buy CDs. I prefer all my music in digital format...so much easier to manage XD. I love browsing around for them though hehe. To be honest the ramen wasn't that spicy but it was awesome lol. Hehe I thrive on spicy :D

      LOL I would be a bad cosplayer too but I want to do it! We should go to one together lol.

      We had snow briefly...now it is back to no snow...might be getting some more soon though.

      Oh well with the recent events I would say you are better off without car troubles lol. Cars are really high maintenance and costly >_< Interesting...I love shopping lol. Lucky you! I would be super jealous if you just went for clothes shopping XDD.


      Hehe I love them on your layout...very suiting like you put it :)

      Haha Happy Birthday in advance lol. Happy Lunar Year too! Ages as per the Asian scale always confuses me...so much confusion >_<

      Hmm I believe they China might still be using it…not entirely sure though. I am guessing they just like being older? lol. Honestly it would be easier to adopt the Gregorian system just so that there’s a standard all over.

      I agree with you…why I love Asian eyes! They definitely don’t need the double eyelid surgery xD. I also agree that they like westernizing their looks…while some look alright with blonde hair I don’t think every artist should do that. I guess I am fine with normal modification but surgery might be a little overdoing…oh well it is their profession so I guess they sort of justify it that way. After all the world isn’t all that different either…you wouldn’t want to look at unattractive celebrities but then again it boils down to what kind of audience they are catering to.

  • On Mon, Jan 23, 2012, Mija said:

    GREAT picture of Kyo!! Brave soul to go into the mosh pit!!! Glad you had fun!