Music Monday #22

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This past week has been busy and lazy lol. We got rain most of this weekend so it was sort of gloomy and cold ^_^;

Anyways getting back to MM. This week the first song is a Neverland by UKISS. It is a very catchy song and the chorus reminds me of Infinite’s Be mine. I also like the MV and somehow they look more boyish than usual (kinda like 2PM)?

The next song is also Korean…it is KARA’s Step. I like the outfits in the beginning of the MV. The dance and the theme of the MV reminds me of the “Step Up” movies.

Now it is time for the English song. I choose Perfect by Hedley. I am not a big fan of the original MV (I do like it but I prefer this version) so I will post an AMV? BTW if you are watching/plan to watch Ao No Exorcist then this video contains spoilers…beware!

Since I am in the rainy-gloomy mood I will post another song – Nocturne by Jay Chou. I love how he can rap so fast in Chinese while I can barely speak phrases lol. Lyrics Translation.

I will finish this post off with another game instrumental song. I love Okami OST. Hope you all enjoy this bright, cheery instrumental :D

  • On Mon, Oct 3, 2011, Ongaku said:

    I really like a lot of those songs you mention and artists such as Jay Chou. I need to get back into my foreign music again.

  • On Wed, Oct 5, 2011, Kris said:

    LOL THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE 2PM! THE WHITE SHINY OUTFITS! I love that song though but I haven’t seen the MV, bad me bad me. I’m not a huge Ukiss fan but they have their moments.

    I also haven’t seen the MV for this one and I’m also not a huge KARA fan. But this song is epic it sounds like something that should be played at a club lol.

    I like the intro of the English song. It’s a good AMV actually … it’s not that bad of a song I wasn’t even paying attention to lyrics haha.

    And thanks for letting me know the title to yet another Chinese song, hahaha.

    Georgina hosts me for free but I just can’t be bothered with the upkeep of a domain anymore. Not that I can’t afford it. I just don’t want something so official like omg I must update it or else the domain isn’t so special anymore! Of course I shall let you know the URL lol what you thought I was gonna neglect you? XD

    No I don’t have class on Monday, I thought it was Tuesday so I went in with all my Tuesday stuff, haha. I realized when I got to the lecture hall and nobody was there.

    Awww that sucks having a snorey roommate! I think it would also suck if the roommate stays up late. I don’t like light when I’m trying to sleep. I don’t really procrastinate, I don’t have much time when I get home every day. I pick out like an hour every few days to blog otherwise I have a bunch of crap to do. Not related to school.

    I can eat whatever I want in case that was confusing but I’m just unable to, like I can’t make myself eat it. I can’t eat cake and sweets so much, I love them, but only a bit if I do. It just majorly sucks. =( If I do eat more than usual I end up feeling really really sick.

    Yay I got an email for your reply!

    Lol maybe you’re a late bloomer. I had a gazillion crushes in middle school, it’s not even funny. Then teenage relationship at 15 then blind dates. Bah I’m ashamed of being so preppy once upon a time.

    I don’t know how your friend doesn’t get kicked out of bars though. Sure they ID you but they’d suspect her of a fake ID lololol.

    Japanese people are different from Koreans! I’ll agree some of them magically look younger than they are. All that weird stuff going on I’m not sure what it is. XD

    Well now that I quit my job I have more time to be online. Though I don’t know when you’re online haha.

    Ahhh I can’t stand English translations of Korean titles … because the translation is always so cheesy! I don’t think there’s a word for Korean pinyin/romaji. But as usual I’m probably wrong. But yes Korean has the advantage in that it uses an alphabet!

    Oh I see lmao so it just depends on the dude you will soon or sooner meet. XD

    Well cool I now know someone who has a stable career who didn’t go to grad school! That’ll show my parents … who cares what my brothers want to do anyway. XD

    The thought of eventually living with a guy … please please be clean? :P One thing I fear in future marriage haha.

    • On Thu, Oct 6, 2011, Dipika said:

      I know right! I am not their fan either but I like some of their songs. Agreed, both the songs can be played at clubs. I am looking forward to my LA trip where we are going to go to a Korean club woot woot :3

      Haha, the song has a good feel to it. I kind of like the lyrics too XD.

      You are welcome ;) I actually have a large amount of Chinese music on my iPod too!

      I hear you…well for me when I don’t have a domain I feel like getting one…when I have one like now I tend to neglect it lol. But I can understand wanting to take more care or making it special when you have a domain.

      LOL…so you went to college when you didn’t have to go XD. I hope you didn’t wake up in the morning or anything.

      Well I am used to working in the dark with just my laptop light so my roomate can sleep in complete darkness. On the other hand, thanks to my sister I am used to being able to sleep even with the lights on XD. I see…doesn’ t help much with your time management does it.

      I see…that sucks…well I still feel sick if I eat too much but when I am depressed and stuff I do comfort eating :(

      LOL…well most of my crushes were on celebrities until I reached like 6th grade in our education system. But I never made any progress from the crush state lol.

      Well…she carried a Japanese passport so it would be difficult to call it fake XD. Looks like I need to catch up about your job on your blog. But yeah maybe when I am doing nothing I will log onto AIM lol.

      Haha I guess so…it is difficult to have literal translations for the titles. I do like the Korean structure of alphabets!

      Yup yup. Well it actually depends a lot more on the field that you belong to though. My sister is a dentist and she is doing her grad studies now. I am in a tech-related field where things change rapidly so self-study and practicing helps more. Look at Steve Jobs who dropped out of college lol.

      Haha I am sure you will beat him into staying clean. If not then you will probably love him a lot to compromise on that one area…or else you will be super lucky and marry a clean guy :D

  • On Wed, Oct 5, 2011, Ashley said:

    Even though I honestly couldn’t understand the Step Up song, it still looked cool. We don’t have girl groups like that here in America for some reason. I mean honestly, that was just cool. I guess females here don’t want to share the spotlight or whatever. I don’t know.

    • On Thu, Oct 6, 2011, Dipika said:

      True, I haven’t really seen any girl groups in America. I guess you are right lol.

  • On Wed, Oct 5, 2011, Georgia Kate said:

    I admit I was surprised when you said that they look more boyish than usual, referring to the first video. In all honesty that song wasn’t my kind of thing at all.

    The second one is okay. They’re all fabulously pretty as well. ;w;

    In comparison, I love the third one; it’s lovely. I made a mental note to download it.

    I quite like the fourth though. It’s quite calming. The lyrics are also very interesting, judging by the translation. And the last piece is love. 8)

    Thank you – it made my day as well, I can tell you now.

    Take care! xx

    • On Thu, Oct 6, 2011, Dipika said:

      LOL…I hear you…I don’t particularly like that band but this song is catchy for me personally.

      I am glad you liked that one! It is one of my current favorites :3 Yay for Okami instrumental :D