Music Monday #19

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Oh noes! Two consecutive MM posts *dies*. I feel guilty for neglecting my blog these days but I was too busy getting those damn achievements for Lost Odyssey one of which is particularly tricky (Treasure Trove) which I eventually managed to achieve. Anyways back to topic…I might start a new segment hopefully this week so that there is more varied content on my blog!

This week’s MM is an obsessed edition featuring a song/video I am recently obsessed with. There’s some minor changes to my obsession page to reflect this as well XD. I am totally fascinated by ASSASSINS CREED series. The games are awesome but what enthralls me is the plot and the story as well as the mystery climax supposed to be in their latest release – AC Revelations. Ok so why am I blabbing about it in MM? Because the first song I want to share is from the Revelations E3 trailer ~ Iron by Woodkid. I am amazed at how much I like this song because of the trailer. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t like it as much if I just heard the song…can you relate to what I am stating here? Anyways check out both the versions of this song in the English language section (also I apologize for being such a game fangirl but I am currently at a point where I might fall for anyone doing an AC cosplay @_@ *super embarrassed* oh young Ezio BTW XD).

I am contemplating whether I should spaz about the trailer or not…to put it shortly…I love how he sees glimpses of Altair…um related to the gameplay but I won’t mention that. Enjoy the trailer if you haven’t already:

This is the original MV of the song…I like it but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me ^_^;

Ok that was enough spaz-ing now moving back to foreign language section…like I mentioned this is the obsessed MM version…I have been watching the Korean Drama – The Greatest Love and absolutely love it! It is a very funny and touching series at the same time (Dok Go Jin <3). Anyways I am selecting a song from the OST ~ Because You Are My Man by G.NA. Lyrics Translation

I will share another KPop song (Japanese)…a live version of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands XD. Darkness Eyes by DBSK (when they were together). I love Yunho’s hairstyle in this…he looks like a bishie out of an anime. I also like how Changmin does his pelvic thrusts (like “Oh yeah”) around 3:53 XD. Lyrics Translation

Lastly to finish this off I will post another one of my favorite piano pieces ~ River Flows In You by Yiruma.

Do you want to play a musical instrument or do you already do so? If so what would you like to be able to play? For me personally I would love Piano, Guitar and Violin ^_^;


  • On Tue, Aug 23, 2011, Cristina said:

    I love the last three songs even though I don’t understand anything. My Favorite Japanese and Korean songs are:
    From Playful Kiss
    From Hana Yori Dango.

    I love those songs<3

    Anyway you should do MM every week. You have an amazing taste for music.

    I always wanted to play a piano, but I can't. The lessons are expensive so the piano. But I like to play on . It makes me feel really good:D

    • On Tue, Aug 23, 2011, Dipika said:

      LOL I have very limited knowledge of both languages so most of the times I have to look up the lyrics to make sense as well…but I love them nevertheless.

      I have seen both the dramas and like those songs too! Flavor of Life is one of my very favorite songs!!! HYD is one of my favorite jdramas :D I am a big Utada Hikaru fan as well ^o^

      Thanks…I will keep continuing my MM XD. I am glad you like the music I like ^_^

      The piano isn’t as expensive as the lessons ^_^; I have a digital keyboard and was taking lessons but the lessons are more expensive…and if you learn at a later age you have less time and flexibility to pick up new skills T_T

      I will definitely check out that website…thanks for sharing :)

  • On Wed, Aug 24, 2011, Cristina said:

    I guess when I get my driving license I’ll carry my keys everywhere. My books are OK, they don’t mess up because of the other stuff.

    I don’t know anything in Japanese or Korean languages, but I search for the lyrics on Google. Which drama of those two you liked the most? I loved Playful Kiss. I love the male character. He’s so handsome and so controlled. I loved Baek Seung Jo’s Diary. Have you read it? It’s amazing<3

    I'm going in Greece for vacation.

    • On Wed, Aug 24, 2011, Dipika said:

      Good luck with your license! I guess your handbag is probably a lot better organized than mine which is why your books are alright ^_^;

      Interesting…if you asked me to pick one out of the two I will have to say Hana Yori Dango. I saw HYD before Playful Kiss and also I love the characters a lot especially the female lead (Makino Tsukushi) who is strong and her “weed power” lol. I do like Kim Hyun Joong a lot so I agree that he was really handsome and cool in the drama. I probably haven’t read it XD. What is it about? Is it good? I might try to look for it.

      If you liked the actor, have you seen the Korean version (Boys before flowers) of HYD? He plays the role of “Rui” although the names are different in the Korean version it was still pretty fun to watch :D

      Have a lot of fun on your vacation! Take lots of pictures :3

  • On Wed, Aug 24, 2011, Leeza said:

    So THAT’S the original song for the AC game. During E3 and its unveiling my brother kept playing the trailer over and over and over and… well, yeah. The song grew on me, but I never understood what LANGUAGE it was in and I swore I had heard at least one English spoken word. Thanks for showing the link to my lazy ass. xP

    • On Wed, Aug 24, 2011, Dipika said:

      LOL…when I first saw the trailer I wasn’t that much into the song but it fit the scenes depicted and slowly grew on me till I got addicted XD. I bet Woodkid is really happy that AC used their song for the trailer. Enjoy the song and game if you will play it at some point :D

  • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Tina said:

    Assassin’s Creed looks so fun but I don’t have any other game console but NDS ;___; I like the music style of the trailer song, it’s kinda strangely addicting like Lenka’s Trouble is a Friend and The Thing Thing’s It’s not My Name.

    I can’t play any instrument, but if I could I would want to play piano, guitar and harmonica. Wanted to join the orchestra band in school but I live in a house that values quietness so practicing an instrument here is a nono. :(

    • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Dipika said:

      Yup AC is a lot of fun XD. Hmm do you have a computer with good specs? You could probably get the PC version then which I believe should be equally fun :3

      I haven’t heard either of those…going to look them up thanks for sharing!

      Aww that sucks…I didn’t have house issues but because we were always so focused on academics and other fun stuff I never picked up an instrument in my childhood and learning it now is just so difficult T_T

  • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Lisa said:

    You really shouldnt feel bad about having a life and not being online! You only get to live once! And the internet isn’t going anywhere! ;) So you may as well enjoy yourself!

    Those songs are really great, although I really don’t understand any of the lyrics!! :)

    • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Dipika said:

      Haha thanks Lisa! True the internet isn’t going anywhere I might as well catch up on other hobbies XD.

      LOL that happens to me at times even with English songs. It is almost like sometimes you can’t interpret the meaning. In those scenarios I try to interpret the videos :D

  • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Vicky said:

    Assassin’s Creed looks so fun; I quite enjoyed the music as well, the trailer was good as well. It took a while for the music to “get going” for me, but it was good. :)

    The live video was pretty good, I didn’t understand it but they’re really good live. :)

    I also really liked the piano piece; I was surprised I liked it actually, but it was really charming. :)

    • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Vicky said:

      Lmfao, by charming I mean calming haha, I’m tired. DX

      Also, I thought the Assassin’s Creed video is better than the original, I forgot to mention that. :)

      • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Dipika said:

        Agreed…the music took me a while to get going as well but only later did I realize that I was obsessed with it lol. AC is a great game that anyone from casual to hardcore gamer would enjoy :D

        Yup they are really good live…they are one of the few bands who have really good live voice quality with dance performance IMO.

        Haha it happens…I have made typos in comments before and after I post it I am all like f**k XD. I wish there was an easier way for people to be able to edit their own comments lol.

        I agree 100% with you on that…it is almost like AC’s trailer added the missing charm to that song :3

  • On Thu, Aug 25, 2011, Edel said:

    I’ve always wanted to play any of the Assassin’s Creed games. I don’t have a PS3 though. I only have a PS2. D: I’m really devastated that it’s already outdated the PS2 because I’ve only had it for almost three years. A PS3 or any new game console is too expensive for me.

    As for the actual trailer/song, I like it a lot. I wouldn’t go looking for songs like that but once I hear them, I do like them. That piano piece is very nice.

    I play the flute. I have a guitar but I’m not much of a self teacher. I’d like to learn guitar (that’s why I have one of course XD) but I really have my heart set on learning how to play the bass guitar. I adore the low, warm tone it makes. Plus, normal guitar is overrated, haha!

    • On Sat, Aug 27, 2011, Dipika said:

      Aww I see…I have a PS2 too which I haven’t played on in ages because it is back home XD. But if you have a decent computer then you can always play AC on the PC :D I agree game consoles can be expensive especially the PS3.

      Same with me too! I wouldn’t go looking for songs like that but once I have heard it now I am totally in love with it :3

      Nice! I had a guitar back home and I tried to self-teach but it didn’t work out too well since I got a right handed one when I should have gotten a left handed one because I am left handed ^_^; I love piano music and I know how to play one but I suck at any complex sheet because I am not too good with reading sheet music *dies* I do like a lot of low tones as well and I love acoustic songs when they touch my feelings!

  • On Fri, Aug 26, 2011, Georgia Kate said:

    I’ve heard of Assassin’s Creed; it sounds quite interesting. I like the bit in the first video with the ship + the sea. I want to play it now. xD

    I don’t like the song much but the second video was kind of cool in a weird way.

    The next video’s quite cute – I admit I didn’t watch all of it and skipped some bits but the song’s quite calming as well.

    I didn’t get a word of the 4th video but it was quite amusing to watch :3

    Yiruma is so talented… I have ‘Kiss The Rain’ by him. I should get an album or something, I love piano music.

    Don’t worry about interpreting things wrong – lyrics and poems and even stories are interpreted completely differently by everyone. When I write I don’t normally even really know what to make of it myself until the end. I just start writing and it ends up being a piece of work.

    You are very right, though – sometimes we need to take risks in life to get where we need to be or want to be.

    Thank you!

    Take care! xx

    • On Sat, Aug 27, 2011, Dipika said:

      Haha go for it! If you don’t own a console you can get the PC version if your computer can support the graphics XD.

      Yup…the video is cool in a weird way…I like the unique characters.

      The drama is hilarious…the MV doesn’t do justice to it but I like the song a lot lol.

      Agreed, that is one of my favorite live versions of that song!

      Oh I like that one too! I love Yiruma’s pieces…very talented :D

      Thanks…I just remember how during school days you would get points deducted for interpreting a poem incorrectly lol. I agree with you though that all individuals will have their own unique interpretations even if they have similarities.

  • On Fri, Aug 26, 2011, Kris said:

    I love game music! I like any music except for American let’s put it there, haha. As long as it’s not English, apart from game and DIsney songs.

    I love G.NA!!!!! Her voice is so pretty. I’ve never heard that song though, probably because I’m so damn behind! It’s sad I didn’t get to watch any Korean dramas on TV in Korea.

    Isn’t Darkness Eyes JPOP? Since it is in Japanese I consider it JPOP. I don’t like that look on Yunho but I’ll agree he looks like some anime dude, hehe.

    I love Yiruma! Okay I’ve been saying the same thing over and over again. I love that song though, too sad it was in Twilight. I wish I could play piano and guitar! Then I can cover most Kpop songs.

    It’s okay if your gaming is taking over blogging. Gaming is important. Unlike me, getting taken over by social life!!!!! I do wanna read some more of your posts though!

    Don’t worry, I do the same thing, I read a blog as I write the comment … that’s why it doesn’t sound very organized, haha. You know, I love how you worded Jason is abusing time for himself. Roflmao, literally.

    Actually no I couldn’t use Arron’s computer, I find that rather rude for some reason. You know how you go to a friend’s house it’s kinda rude to ask “Can I use your computer?” Similar here. I only do that to my BFF because she’s my BFF, but Arron, well uh he’s more of a stranger lol. Ironic how that is. But I didn’t have time for the internet anyway.

    Haha, the witch has prohibited me from many things, a lot of rules I broke! So proud of myself. I kind of have vacation withdrawal now. Though my trip wasn’t what I expected, I still feel so comfortable in Korea. I don’t wanna be here! NOOOOOOO!


    • On Sat, Aug 27, 2011, Dipika said:

      LOL I see…I love a lot of game music even though a lot of them are just instrumentals. I tend to like Disney songs from old classics as well :D

      I like her quite a bit too…probably liking her more after this song. Aww I see…hmm just wondering if you can watch a drama and understand it without subtitles?

      It is JPop…that was a mistake on my part lol. Guess I kept thinking about DBSK and made a typo with that XD. Thanks for bringing that to my notice…it is fixed now hehe.

      I guess it being in twilight made it popular amongst people who might not have heard of him before. I tried playing some KPop songs on my piano but for most of them I need to level up ^_^;

      Haha I am sure this gaming phase will pass once I hit a boring game that doesn’t make me wanna play it. Although with some good titles lining up I might just skip the game instead of trying to get through it XD.

      I personally feel that the comment seems more organized when you write it in the same sequence as reading the blog…dunno I always find your comments easy to read/understand :D

      LOL I am glad you liked it. There are times when I do the same and feel guilty…but I am always there to help my family if they need me…I prioritize ^_^

      True…I didn’t think of the fact that you two are not that close so that makes sense. I hope you were able to get closer to him during your trip :3

      Hehe I see. Well rules are meant to be broken. I am glad you had fun on your vacation! I can imagine how you feel…maybe someday you can move to Korea XD.