Can't wait for summer!!!

posted by author on Sun, Apr 3, 2011 7 Comments

One of the sad things about living in this “New England” weather is that you only have a few months of sunny warm summer whereas the rest is cold or worse snowy winters. I don’t hate snow in particular but I definitely don’t like it when it snows during spring/summer.

Anyways, I am really looking forward to moving into my new apartment…I still don’t know how I am going to move the bigger things but for now I am moving stuff slowly. I hope the weather warms up so that I can go to the community swimming pool :) It will be nice to be able to ride my bike too! Then again if I get some time off work I might make a trip to the big apple XD.

I am kind of excited since my birthday’s coming up…hopefully we will be moved in by then so we can have a small party at home before heading downtown for the rest of the night…so that’s it for my life right now…it is revolving around moving into my new place lol.

Drama Updates: I just finished watching My Princess and it was pretty good. The story seemed more of less similar to the Princess Diaries movie and also Goong. Nevertheless it was a good one. Another one that I finished recently was Iljimae…it made me cry sooo much. Lee Jun Ki is a good actor…however I wish the ending was more positive…it is interesting though since this series had really good rating. I am hoping to watch Midas soon.

Anime Updates: Right now I am watching the anime Kimi Ni Todoke which is really awesome. I have been following the manga for Dengeki Daisy which is quite interesting as well.

Music Updates: I am totally hooked onto BigBang’s 4th Mini Album and absolutely love Tonight…it is also my current ringtone XD. I got addicted to Nu Abo by F(x) recently.


  • On Mon, Apr 4, 2011, Ongaku said:

    I can’t wait for summer either. I’m tired of these cold morning and hot afternoons. It is crazy I have to switch my heat to cold in one day for my car. LOL

    Yay for new apartment! Ah yeah, slow moving is the better kind. Each time I recently had to move or move someone we had to do it in a day or less. DX

    Good luck with it all XD

  • On Fri, Apr 8, 2011, Kris said:

    I can’t wait for summer. It’s been so cold here even in New York, when it’s usually nice and warm by now. I really wanna go for a jog or something. I guess I can nowadays but I’d rather it be a little bit warmer.

    Ooo awesome for birthdays! Hopefully you do get moved in, you can have a real party! =)

    I’m addicted to Big Bang, CN Blue, Wheesung, and 4Minute’s new albums! I’m waiting for repackages though, sometimes I do that so I can get all the songs.

    By the way your comment got cut off I think when you typed 돼지토끼, which FanUpdate can’t handle.

    • On Sat, Apr 9, 2011, Dipika said:

      @Ongaku: Yup I know what you mean…I have to do the same with my car temperature too XD. All of my moving experiences before have also been move in 1 day which are somewhat not good experiences…especially the one time it rained :( Hopefully this time will be better!

      @Kris: Yup! I can’t wait to go biking again…I hope I can have a small party hehe. I see…that’s cool…I like their new albums too…I <3 BigBang lol. Uwaaah T__T stupid fan update it was a lengthy comment too…oh well next time I will make sure I put Korean stuff in the end.

  • On Sat, Apr 9, 2011, Kris said:

    Don’t worry, one time I left someone a really long comment and it got cut off by some face I made … I retyped it though I didn’t expect you to! Haha. :P

    Nooo poor Blackberry! I wouldn’t mind if I dropped my phone in water or lose it all together, but chances are I’ll get another crap phone but hopefully at least a chocolate? But those smartphones and IPOD TOUCHES are so expensive and precious. =(

    I heard about the new iPod touch! I really want it because it comes with camera which I also need. I need the video features though I must look at K-pop boys! My brother’s MP4 is great it’s got video + USB disc features. I’d just feel so bad if I were to take it … I mean I haven’t given him anything. That wouldn’t be the case if my mom didn’t spoil him, hmmph.

    You can buy a pig rabbit! I haven’t seen any here but order from YesAsia! It is expensive but it’s worth it!

    I don’t really like highlights for some reason. They’re kind of middle-schoolish but I guess some people not like me can pull them off. I just like light haired Asians, it looks cool! On certain people only. Like GD, Mir, Jessica, Hongki/Jeremy from THE AWESOME DRAMA WITH JANG GEUNSUK.

    I get the news from, I listen to them on youtube, and I usually buy my CDs. If I don’t like the entire album my friend gives it to me … not sure where she gets it from.

    • On Sun, Apr 10, 2011, Dipika said:

      I see…I hate it when glitches like that happen…typing is no biggie, it is part of my profession lmao. Anything that is SMART or has multiple functionalities built into it is precious :(

      I know what you mean ;) Hmm maybe consider your bro’s mp4 as an advance bday gift and then maybe you might not feel that bad?

      Ohh okay lol…my mom was actually stitching one for me XD. Hehe I agree…some asians can really carry it off ;)

      I see…cool I buy CDs only if I want the whole album but usually I download and listen to them to make sure that I want to get the CD :)

  • On Sun, Apr 17, 2011, Kris said:

    I just discovered a Korean site to download from … called Soribada. Actually I’ve known it for ages I just somehow never discovered the English version of it. People kept telling me to use Daumn but it’s all Hangul! Gives me a headache lol! Anyways this is random but do you have a Korean nickname?

    Really you don’t know any Korean guys? HAHA. Sorry =P it’s just weird to me because there are so many Korean here. Both my BFFs are Korean and there were couple more in high school. But actually most of us are ABK (American-born Koreans) and the guy I’m dating is Korean-Korean. Bit different. :D

    I have never heard of that movie! I think same situation with Lee Hongki in this Japanese drama? He doesn’t speak Japanese well and the Japanese girl doesn’t speak Korean well.

    • On Sun, Apr 17, 2011, Dipika said:

      Ahh I will check that site out! I don’t have an actual Korean nickname but I sometimes use 장미 online. I would love to have a real Korean nickname though that makes sense…my Japanese nickname is Hikari because it has the same meaning as my real name – Light but I haven’t looked much into Korean names lol.

      Lucky you I guess lol…I see…I think it would be easier for me to befriend an ABK because my Korean language skills are not even good enough to have a normal conversation :( Maybe the guy you are dating can help you improve your Korean!

      Well it is a movie not a drama and I believe it is more or less in Korean (I saw with subs though lol and you can find this movie on youtube.) and it stars Lee Jun Ki not Hong Ki though he is cute too ;) Yes you got the rest of it right…they both actually start learning the other language but in your case you would just be learning a different dialect? Good luck with it all ^__^