Final Fantasy 4 Heroes Of Light

posted by author on Tue, Nov 2, 2010 1 Comment

So recently I just started playing “FF Four Heroes Of Light” for the DS. It seems pretty ok so far. However I guess since it is on a handheld console it is not going to be the same experience. To be honest, I think that the DS is a great console and if a game is made specifically for this system then the game mechanics should fully utilize its features. For example, The Legend Of Zelda games or Scribblenauts use a lot of the touchscreen factor to their benefit. Personally I love how in LOZ you can take notes on your map. It makes the game much more interesting even though it can be silly at times.

Either ways, maybe it is too soon to comment on anything since it has only been a day since I started playing it lol. I like the battle system, it is similar to the original but I wish they would show the turn queue. Not knowing who will get the turn next doesn’t help especially when you need to decided between using a spell or an item (cure instead of a potion). Also the map system is not very precise. The menu is clunky and takes a while to understand. Initially I couldn’t figure out how to get my abilities onto the commands list. But you just keep selecting/tapping it till you see it on the list.

There are some things that I like in the game though, firstly spells are easy to learn/switch. You just need magic books. You can also use a spell when you are not in battle mode which helps quite a bit when you want to heal but not spend on an inn. All in all so far the game is decent but not quite there yet XD.

  • On Sun, Apr 21, 2013, Mija said:

    I know this is an old post but did you ever finish this game? I loooooooved the co-op of the game, it was super cute and fun!