Piano Tips?

posted by author on Mon, Sep 27, 2010 4 Comments

The past few days went by really fast…but they were some good times. I was also able to come up with a custom layout which makes me feel quite happy. The only thing left on my plate now is to practice hard on my piano skills XD. I am pretty much a starter so any sort of tips/advice is welcome! I don’t intend to play classical compositions anytime in the near future but if you have any simple, easy music sheet recommendations then go ahead. Right now I am practicing playing with both hands which should be interesting since my fingers are medium sized. The chords seem to require a lot of practice and hopefully, eventually I will get used to them. I would like to think that they will get as accustomed to a piano as they are to a QWERTY keyboard. (I know there’s various types of keyboards available and I am actually scared to even consider using a non-QWERTY keyboard lol). But maybe the piano will be a good experience to deviate away from the comfort of knowing the layout of a standard keyboard.

The sheets that are on my priority list right now are the songs from my favorite drama “You Are Beautiful” (미남이시네요). I have seen other people perform them on you-tube. This one is my favorite – a medley of  말도없이 +  여전히 + 약속 + Lovely Day. Someday I wish to be able to play as beautifully as the player in that video. Well practice makes perfect so I guess it’s time to go practice now!

  • On Thu, Sep 30, 2010, Ongaku said:

    And the custom layout looks fabulous! I have been waaayy to lazy to make myself one even though I know how… *gets shot*

    Good luck with piano! I sometimes miss being able to play an instrument.

    • On Thu, Sep 30, 2010, Dipika said:

      Thanks…I get lazy too but this time I had inspiration ;)
      I know what you mean…I had stopped too but now I have started again!

  • On Fri, Oct 29, 2010, keiko1981 said:

    http://www.pianofiles.com/ is a great site where you can find a lot of piano scores.
    The site works as follow, if you’ve got piano scores in PDF/image format you fill out the form with the information.
    The site does not work as a file hosting, instead people list the piano scores they got and other members can search and request for scores.
    Here is my list piano scores: http://www.pianofiles.com/user/382304/sheets?sort=asc&order=artist

  • On Fri, Oct 29, 2010, Dipika said:

    Ahh sounds like a good place. I will look it up. Thanks!